iSCI Walking Balance Research Study

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Research Team

Principal Investigators

Dr. Kristin Musselman 

Dr. Musselman is a licensed physical therapist, and an expert in gait rehabilitation and measurement following SCI. She is involved in administering the clinical assessments to participants with iSCI.

Dr. Alison Oates

Dr. Oates is an expert in kinematic and EMG analysis of balance. She is involved in biomechanics laboratory data collection from the able-bodied and iSCI participants.


Dr. Joel Lanovaz

Dr. Lanovaz is an expert in the area of biomechanics of human movement. He helped in design of the slip perturbation and the measures of balance. He is involved in collecting the laboratory data with Dr. Oates.

Dr. Gary Linassi

Dr. Linassi is a physiatrist and expert in health care delivery for SCI. He helped with the clinical aspects of the study.

Dr. Catherine Arnold

Dr. Arnold is a licensed physical therapist and expert in falls and fall-related injuries. She has extensive experience with developing fall surveys and tracking falls in older women. She helped in developing the fall survey and study design.

Dr. Stephan Milosavljevic

Dr. Milosavljevic has expertise in community-based rehabilitation and care delivery to patients in rural populations. He is knowledgeable about statistics and thus, will advise on data analysis for the research study.

Ph.D. Student

Tarun Arora

Tarun (B.P.T. India, M.Sc. Kinesiology) was trained as a physical therapist in India. He has clinical and research experience of working with individuals with spinal cord injury. He is working under supervision of Dr. Musselman and Dr. Oates. He is involved in clinical and biomechanics laboratory data collection and analysis.